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One of the best things about slot games is their versatility; you can find games for any theme under the sun with a wide variety of rules to suit your taste and play style. But did you know that slots can also vary with regard to the hardware they’re played on as well? The number of slot games that can be played on mobile is steadily growing, but some gamblers still find it difficult to find good mobile apps that allow you to play free slots in Canadian online casinos. Not to worry though: we came up with this comprehensive list of mobile slot tips and tricks, and even some mobile slot games for you to try on your next lunch break.

Best Online Casinos With Mobile Slots – January 2022

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Mobile Slots And Why We Play Them

Why even have a section of our site devoted to all things mobile slot games? The simple answer is that it’s one of the fastest-growing subgenres of the game around. Think about it: mobile slots combine all the best parts about gaming from the immersive graphics (thanks to the advent of high-res smartphones) to the quick gameplay and – most importantly – to the fact that you can game on the go. Mobile slot games make it easy to get the thrill of gaming even when you’re out about, and can be conveniently used whenever you have a spare moment. It can end up being a chore to carve out time at your desktop or lug your laptop around in order to play your favorite online slot games, not to mention the fact that you’ll need a decent WiFi connection. But with mobile gaming, you can effortlessly visit your favorite casino whenever you want to – your favorite games are just a few swipes away.

Choosing The Right Mobile Slot For You: how to start playing mobile slots guide

If you’re just beginning your journey with mobile slot games, have no fear! While it can be overwhelming at the start, the key to finding the right mobile online slot for you comes down to trial and error. Your best bet when starting out is to experiment with a mix of no download casino slots and ones that offer players an app to play on, mix up the rule types, and pick and choose what sort of themes spark your interest. Trust us, after you’ve played a few you’ll have a pretty good idea of what kind of games give you the biggest thrill and can go from there while making a final selection. If you’d like a jumping-off point though, be sure to check out any or all of the games we listed below.

Top 5 Recommended Mobile Slots by Casino Hex

Of course, we wouldn’t have an article telling you to check out a certain subgenre of games without also providing you a few suggestions to get you started. As is true for all of the games we recommend on our site, they’ve been evaluated for a variety of factors that have been aggregated to help us come up with the top five best mobile slot games for you to try.

If you’re ready to stroll through a city with a cute kitty on mobile then this game is for you. Miss Kitty is a classic-inspired mobile slot that features tons of feline-themed icons to keep you entertained. In addition to its eye-catching artwork, this game was developed by Aristocrat, a game developer well-known in the industry for fast animations that have a knack for drawing the player in. And of course, this game is available for mobile play, meaning that you can enjoy some game time no matter where you go.
50 Dragons is a great mobile slot for seasoned mobile players and newcomers alike. With five reels and fifty paylines, this slot gives players quite a few different ways they achieve wins. They’re also powered by Aristocrat games, so you can expect lightning-fast animations that make you feel like you’re back in an in-person casino no matter where you choose to game. Last but not least, it’s Zodiac-inspired images are a unique twist on this classic format, so be sure to check out 50 Dragons if you’re looking for a great preliminary mobile slot suggestion.
Inspired by the cult-hit show, the Game Of Thrones mobile slot game incorporates imagery from the TV show and uses the different houses of the Seven Kingdoms to stand for different types of bonus rounds. The Baratheon bonus feature, for example, gives you eight free spins. This slot is powered by Microgaming, a U.K. based web developer that’s known throughout the industry, so you know that you’re in for an immersive treat that utilizes crisp sound and bright, state-of-the-art graphics to give you a highly realistic experience. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a little slot experience but want to expand your horizons.
Offering players the chance to live among the Gods of Olympus for a spell, Battle of the Gods is a Playtech-powers mobile slot game that uses gorgeous depictions of Greek gods and an entertaining soundtrack to keep players entertained beyond just gameplay. Speaking of which, though, the gameplay is extremely streamlined, offering players several opportunities for bonuses. This includes the Titan bonus, whereby a player can unlock free spins if they get the Titan Extra Wild icon. It’s a go-to choice for both beginner slot players and more demanding veterans.
Looking to indulge your more animalistic side? Wild Wolf might be the pick for you. First of all, it’s designed by IGT, so you know that you’re going to get an immersive game that offers crisp animations and awesome sound effects. This game takes you deep into the woods, featuring hyper-real-looking wolf images and some native North American imagery that really get you into a fun frame of mind for starting a game. And best of all: this slot can be played for free, so you can enjoy it no matter what the state of your bank account is like.

Best iPhone and Android Mobile Slot Games

Ways Of Playing Mobile Slots in Online Casino

The world of online slots is getting larger and larger every day, and because of that, there are always a lot of choices when it comes to what you play, how you play, and where you play. In the section below, we’ve gone through a couple of the most important details when you’re just getting started in the world of online mobile slot gaming.

Free Play vs Real Money Slots

This is a big one in the online slot community (but luckily it’s also pretty easy to explain). Free play slots are slots (both mobile and desktop) that let you play them for free. They might have a credits system or simply just let you play them in zen mode, but either way, you get to experience a slot game and all the fun it offers while giving your wallet a break. When you play real money mobile slots, though, it’s a different experience entirely. Most online casinos will have you make a deposit in a lump sum, and that can then either translate to credits that be used on the slot game or the slot will be enabled for cash directly. While there’s obviously the downside of possibly losing money on a real money slot, there’s also the chance that you’ll end up winning big, making bonuses and free spins all the sweeter.

Mobile Slots Apps vs Mobile Casinos

There’s a huge selection of mobile casinos in Canada, and just as many mobile slot apps. The difference between these is the number of games they offer. Both can allow you to win money playing slot games, but mobile casinos also tend to offer an array of more “classic” casino games, like baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette. Both have their advantages (after all, more games to play mean more chances to win), but a lot of mobile slot gamers tend to stick to slots, making the table games superfluous for the amount of space they’ll take up on your phone. Where you stand on this topic has everything to do with what kind of gamer you are. If you’re exclusively slot-oriented, then mobile slot apps might be your calling. But if you value the variety offered by mobile casinos in Canada, you might want to go with one of those.

Android Mobile Slots

There are a ton of games available at Android casinos online that are easily downloaded no matter where you are.

Because of the popularity of Android, there is a wide variety of games available to download.
Android phones have a great price point, which means that you can save money for the slot games you want to play.
Androids are incredibly popular, so any community features offered by the app will definitely be usable and really fun.
Because Android phones are still phones, they feature a smaller display that might be jarring to people who are more used to playing games on a desktop or a tablet.
iPhones are usually the first to get an app if it’s not developed for Android and Apple platforms simultaneously, so you might get a game on a delay if it favored iPhone development first.

iPhone Mobile Slots

iPhone is one of the most popular devices around – and for that reason, online casinos for iPhone come with a lot of benefits, like crazy convenience and a huge selection of casino apps.

Apple’s popularity means there is also a wide variety of gambling apps available to download.
The iPhone’s tiny size makes it easy for you to take your device with you no matter where you go for easy gaming.
Mobile slot gaming on the iPhone tend to offer a huge array of games to choose from thanks to the global popularity of the iPhone.
iPhones are some of the priciest mainstream smartphones on the market, making them an investment (but if you need to save money after purchasing one, check out free online slots).
Because the iPhone is a phone as opposed to a computer or a tablet, the display is smaller, which might take some getting used to if you’re more used to expansive displays.

iPad Mobile Slots

Since it came out, the iPad has become super popular for any type of online gaming – including online gambling. Playing casino games on iPad offers a lot of benefits, like enhanced screen display and combining the convenience of a smartphone with the display of a desktop.

An iPad’s larger screen size means that you have a larger display, which can be more immersive.
If you’re looking for the screen space of a desktop but want the portability of a smartphone, an iPad might be a good compromise for playing games.
iPads are larger than standard-sized smartphones, meaning that it might not be quite as portable.
Applications for smartphones are still more popular than gambling apps for iPad, which means that you might get less of a selection than you would with an iPhone or other smartphone.

Final Words Before Starting to Play Mobile Slots Online

So, are you ready to venture into the world of online slots? Because of their popularity, online slot games have a ton of varieties and game types, and every minute best new casino slots options are appearing every second. So don’t worry if it takes you a few tries to find the slot that fits your gaming style, try Voyages of Sinbad. Whether you’re a pro gamer who is into winning huge sums of cash and having a little fun along the way or a newbie who just feels like sticking to the free slots, for now, you’re definitely going to find the right fit for you if you look around a bit.

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