Online Casinos Industry in Switzerland


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Just like all the gamblers have their own strategies and preferences, the countries have their own rules and plans concerning gambling, both offline and online. This information is important if you are traveling a lot and want to gamble wherever you are or if you are the gambling fan and just want to deepen your knowledge of gambling traditions on different territories. So, today we are talking about Switzerland and its attitude towards casinos, real-money bets, and other gambling-related stuff.

Switzerland is well-known for its neutrality, but its gambling laws have never been neutral. All kinds of gambling were completely banned since 1921 to 1993 when the games with small bets became legal. Today, offline gambling is legal and not restricted in the country. The residents and guests of Switzerland can enjoy playing all kinds of gambling games in 19 casinos all over the country that are opened both for high-rollers and moderate gamblers. There is at least one casino in each Swiss canton meaning the most part of the population has the access to gambling activities and people use this opportunity with great joy — it’s said that one-fifth of the country is involved in different kinds of gambling.

The gamblers in Switzerland are the big fans of poker and some big poker events are taking place in the country from time to time. Besides poker, horse racing and football betting are quite popular — there are at least 11 horse racing tracks in Switzerland, always full of spectators. Each canton also has its own lottery, not as popular as football but still played by the Swiss citizens.

It’s not that easy with online gambling as it is still illegal in Switzerland. The are laws prohibiting all types of online gambling but in reality, there are no instruments to control the online gambling market in the country. For the Swiss gamblers, it means that they can’t make their bets in the local online casinos (as they just don’t exist) but have the complete access to the international casinos that they are happy to use. At the same time, the government is going to loosen the reins so we can hope for some new Swiss online casinos to appear in the near future.