Overview of Online Casino Industry in Sweden


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Each country has its own peculiarities when it comes to offline and online casinos. Today we are talking about Sweden — the cold country where the situation with online gambling is also not too warm.

Unlike many other European countries, Sweden has made online and offline gambling games completely legal on paper, with a small “but”. To become a legal casino games provider, the company has to get a special license issued by the government and looks like the process is very complicated. Today, there is only one licensed casino games provider in Sweden — the Svenska Spel company that has the control over online and offline casinos.

From the one hand, such a monopoly protects the Swedish gamblers from unreliable providers and make gambling completely safe, but from the other hand, it contradicts the free trade laws and eliminates the market diversity. As the EU continues to exert pressure upon Sweden government, there is a chance that situation will change and more gambling providers will be able to come into the Swedish market.

There were 3 main laws that affected the development of gambling in Sweden. The first one, the Lotteries Act, was adopted to give the complete control over the lotteries and other gambling games to the state. This is when it became illegal to advertise any other lotteries than the state one and all the games like bingo, dice, roulette and card games became regulated. In 1999, the government adopted the Casinos Act that covered the land-based gambling venues and, finally, in 2002 the Amendment was adopted to introduce the online gambling legislation.

The important thing is that the monopoly on the Swedish gambling market affects the casino games providers but not the gamblers themselves. International gambling sites are not banned in Sweden so, basically, you can play casino games whenever you want and don’t have to limit yourself to the Svenska Spel casinos.

As for the most popular gambling activities among the Swedish gamblers, these are mostly online video poker and sports betting. According to the statistics, more than a half of the whole country population makes football, golf and handball bets from time to time. So even though the market diversity is a weak point in Sweden, the gamblers don’t feel slighted and have all the freedom they need to play various gambling games on various online platforms.