Overview of Online Casino Industry in Netherlands


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The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Netherlands is freedom. Almost everything is legal when you come to Amsterdam, even prostitution and marijuana. Surprisingly, things are becoming more strict when it comes to online gambling in the country.

The Dutch gambling legislation is absolutely weird. It’s legal to gamble online in Dutch online casinos but there is not a single Dutch online casino and no licenses have been issued in the country ever. So the only option the Dutch gamblers have is to make their bets in foreign casinos which is illegal. But the government attempts to regulate this process failed completely. The banks didn’t agree to ban online casinos transactions from the Netherlands and online casinos all over the world are still accepting bets from the Dutch gamblers. As for the land-based casinos, they are legal in Netherlands but the monopoly is held by the government-controlled Holland Casino. By the way, the Holland Casino tried to get the license for the online gambling too but failed.

Just like in many other European countries, the most popular way of gambling in Netherlands is sports betting, both offline and online. The bets are frequently made on football (mostly the English Premier League and local matches), field hockey, golf, and tennis. The sports betting market is the only gambling-related thing in Netherlands that is not owned by the Holland Casino. The horse racing bets are made under control of Scientific Games Racing B.V while all the other sports bets are being received by De Lotto. Unlike other Europeans, the Dutch gamblers are not really interested in online poker. The reason might be the government ban on most of the online poker sites.

Even though the online gambling in the Netherlands is not in the government’s favor today, there is hope for positive changes in the near future. It’s told that the Dutch government is going to start licensing casino operators within the country and reduce the tax for gambling venues to promote competition and terminate the monopoly that is taking place now. Looks like the Netherlands will become the country of the complete freedom soon and the gamblers will finally be able to play their favorite casino games freely.