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Nowadays there are plenty of new online payment systems appearing almost every day on the web. Such an abundance tends to puzzle customers in different countries across the world given the lack of quality reviews with all the pros and cons of a particular money transaction system carefully weighed.

Especially when it comes to online gambling, where it is vitally important to choose a safe banking method to make deposits and withdraw one’s winnings, opting for the right payment system becomes an issue which every player should carefully consider before starting to play for real money.

Hopefully, there also are online banking services with time proven reliability such as Interac, a payment system which has been successfully guaranteeing the safety of deposits and the convenience of money transfers in Canada for several decades. Many gambling stars underline that if you choose Interac deposits in Canadian online casinos will become an easy thing to make.
In our review we will show how to use Interac and what are other safe options to make deposits in internet gambling venues if this payment method happened to not to be available in your country of residence.

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What is Interac and how to use it?

Interac is a non-profit company which has been providing a wide variety of banking services in Canada since 1984. Initially it was established as a debit card system but nowadays Interac facilitates many innovative ways of payment. It is a very popular banking service among the residents of Canada for making e-commerce transactions and internet gambling.

Since these are top banks which are standing behind Interac it is a completely safe online payment service. In Canada, many people like it because there is almost always one and the same fee being charged regardless of the sum of your deposits. Depending on your bank the fee can be $1 or $1.50. As you will see from our review if you choose Interac payment can be made in a safe and convenient way. One can use this banking method in some of the best online casinos in Canada to make deposits as well as to withdraw money.

How to deposit money to a casino account via Interac?

In order to make an Interac casino deposit you should, first of all, find the guidelines your gambling venue provides for using it as a safe payment method. After that, you should go to the webpage of your bank and choose Interac online payment option. Next, you will be asked to enter the sum of the deposit, the name of your gambling venue (as is prescribed in the guidelines from your casino’s webpage) and the answer to the security question which will be sent to your e-mail address in 2-5 minutes after filling in your payment details. After bank receives your answer the transfer is complete. The whole process of making the gambling deposit in one of your favorite Interac online casinos will take about ten minutes.

In our review, we show how by using Interac online casino deposits can be made quickly and easily so that you can keep on gambling from the comfort of your home without worrying whether your payments are carried out in a sufficiently safe way.

However, if you cannot make Interac deposit casino operators in your region definitely have other safe payment options to choose. For example, try gambling in online casinos with eCheck and read our quick overview of this payment method.

How to withdraw money if I deposited via Interac?

It is possible to not only make deposits but also withdraw money from online casinos with Interac. However, you should first check whether your gambling venue allows such a kind of transaction being made with the payment system that we are reviewing, since the fact that in your casino Interac deposits are accepted still does not mean that you can withdraw money in the same way.
Usually, the withdrawal process will take 4-6 business days and the fee, as a rule, amounts to $4.00.

What are the advantages of using Interac?

There are numerous advantages in choosing Interac in internet gambling venues.

  • In Interac online casinos you can use Canadian dollars;
  • The amount of fee is one and the same no matter how big are your deposits;
  • You can quickly withdraw money from your online casino account;
  • You just need to have an e-mail address or a mobile phone to make gambling deposits in Interac casinos;
  • High standards of security make your transactions one hundred percent safe.

Summing up our review of Interac advantages, we want to emphasize that it is definitely the fastest way for the residence of Canada who are gambling online to make cash transaction in a safe way. But if you cannot play in Interac casinos online banking systems, of which there are plenty, should be available to you in your region. For instance, we invite you to read our review of iDebit online casinos.

What are the disadvantages of using Interac?

From our review it should be clear why there are so many top online casinos allowing Interac deposits in Canada. But this payment system also has a few downsides which are worth mentioning:

  • With Interac you can make gambling deposits only in Canada;
  • The fees that banks charge for using this payment system can vary;
  • Not all banks in Canada support it.

If Interac is not available to you to arrange payment in your gambling venue, we encourage you to check our review of iDebit online casinos which support another safe payment method to make gambling deposits.

Interac globally

As we have already mentioned in our review, Interac has a more than 30 years’ history at Canada’s market of banking services. There about 65 000 ABMs operating with its logo. No wonder that Interac is so popular among the visitors of online gambling venues in Canada.

This banking service is also available in the US but not for making gambling deposits in online casinos. If you cannot use this payment system in your country of residence, check our review about the pros and cons of gambling in InstaDebit casinos online.

Is it safe to deposit money via Interac?

Interac is a completely safe payment system to use in online casinos. The highest security and financial privacy standards of this banking service are regularly being reviewed by the top financial institutions in Canada. Moreover, these are only legal casinos that are allowed to support Interac. It does not mean that gambling is legal only in an Interac casino, but if an online gambling venue has this banking service among its payment options, it definitely means that it is completely safe to play in.