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Have you ever asked yourself what makes a particular banking service worth using to transfer payments when playing in online casino for real cash? There are a couple of aspects one needs to take into account when trying to answer this question.

You should, first of all, find a good review of the banking service under consideration and carefully read it to elucidate what are the countries this payment system is available in, is it sufficiently safe to protect your private financial information from third parties and how convenient it is to use a particular banking service.

Online casinos in Canada often encourage their customers to opt for Citadel Instant Banking as the direct payment method. In our review, we will explain why it is so popular among Canadian players and help you learn how to use Citadel Instant Banking to transfer money in a safe way.

Apart from Canada this banking option is fully available for making deposits in online casinos in many other countries across the world. But even if you happen to live in a region where Citadel Instant Banking is not available, in our review you will nevertheless find a lot of useful information about other safe payment methods which is suitable for you.

Best Citadel Online Casinos in 2018

What is Citadel and how to use it?

As can be inferred from its title, Citadel Instant Banking is an online payment method that enables you to make money transfers within extremely short periods of time.
There are several options for a customer to proceed with Citadel:

  1. You can download the ‘payment assistant’ which will help you to manage your transaction at your banking account in a safe way;
  2. You can use its webpage as your starting point;
  3. Or you can opt for the ‘Rapid’ system which will issue you a reference number which you can consequently enter to validate your transaction to make it safe.

Each of the listed procedure is customer friendly and easy to complete. In addition, since no online registration is required to proceed with money transactions through Citadel Instant Banking, it guarantees that none of your private information is shared with a third party.

You now see that these are the easiness and anonymity with which instant payments can be made that caused Citadel casinos to be so popular in Canada and other regions of the world.

How to deposit money to a casino account via Citadel?

As should be obvious from the previous part of our review, in a Citadel casino deposits are made in an instant way. First, you need to figure out what procedure out of the three listed above is supported in your Citadel casino to execute the transaction. After that just follow the prescribed instruction and after confirmation, your money will be transferred to your online casino account in a blink of an eye. In their reviews many of the online gamblers from Canada and other countries note that one should definitely choose Citadel Instant Banking casinos if one does not want to deal with any delays when depositing cash to make bets.

How to withdraw money if I deposited via Citadel?

If it so happened that casino sites that accept Citadel Instant Banking as viable and safe option to make deposits are unwilling to utilize it as a withdrawal method so that you should consult the helpdesk of your online gambling venue what are the prerequisites to withdraw money from your account via Citadel if you are a resident of Canada or any other country. In addition, online withdrawals will not be instant in this case and you will probably be charged a fee.

What are the advantages of using Citadel for Gambling?

You could have already noticed many player-friendly features of Citadel Instant Banking in our review. Below we will sum up some of the most prominent advantages of choosing this online payment method while playing in online casinos, be it in Canada or in other countries:

  • Your payments are literally instantly carried out;
  • Transfers via this online service are completely safe since high standards of web security are applied;
  • Casino payments made via Citadel Instant Banking are anonymous and no third party will ever learn about your sensitive financial details;
  • No registration is required to transfer money via Citadel in Canada or any other region;
  • Citadel does not charge you any fees for using its online services.

The above-mentioned advantages make Citadel Instant Banking casinos very popular in Canada and other countries. However, if this online payment method is not available to you in your place of residence we invite you to check the selection of iDebit casinos.

What are the disadvantages of using Citadel Instant Banking?

Our review of Citadel Instant Banking will not be complete without mentioning about the drawbacks of this payment method:

  • Citadel is not available for online casino players in many countries of the world;
  • Your bank can charge a fee for using its interface when you are making transfers through Citadel;
  • You might not be able to withdraw money from your online casino account via this instant payment method;

If some of these disadvantages make you unwilling to play in a Citadel online casino, check our review of InstaDebit online casinos to learn about still another instant and safe payment method which is popular among many players across the globe, including Canada.

Citadel globally

Citadel Instant Banking was founded in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. By now it also has official branches opened in London and Malta and is supported by a huge network of 200 banks so that using Citadel direct payments in more than 33 countries can be made to fund online casino accounts in an instant and safe way. But if it is not yet available in your country of residence, we encourage you to learn more about eCheck casinos from our review and decide whether the online payment method supported there is suitable for you.

Is it safe to deposit money via Citadel?

When playing in Citadel online casinos you should not be worried whether your transactions are safe enough not to dispose your private financial information to third parties since all the data is encrypted and reviewed according to the highest web security standards in Canada.