Online Gambling Industry in Austria


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Gambling is not the all-around thing and gambling rules deeply vary from one country to another. As you might have noticed, we are talking about the gambling in different countries so that you feel comfortable wherever you are and know what to do if you are abroad and want to make some bets in the online casino. Today, our focal point is Austria — its gambling history, legal landscape and popular gambling games.

The good news is that online gambling is legal in Austria. Unlike some other European countries, Austria didn’t get on the path of complete online gambling ban but has anyway tightened the law and the control over the online gambling market on its territories. According to the Austrian legislation, there are two kinds of gambling — the high-stakes and the low-stakes one. The high rollers may experience some problems with finding the casino to make their bets as only a few of them are allowed to accept large sums of money. When it comes to conventional gambling, with penny slots and smaller bets, things are not so strict.

Online gambling rules are not quite favourable to the international online casinos as all if the casinos operating in Austria should get the special license issued by the government. It is easily given to the reliable Austrian casinos but foreign operators will more likely get problems with getting it or at least will spend months waiting for the approval. Thus, Austrian gamblers have to choose among the few casinos that have already got their licenses.

As for the popular gambling activities, there are basically two of them — sports betting and poker. Sports betting is widely popular all over the country with the most bets made on football and ice hockey. Even though there are not too many online casinos accepting poker bets, the number of poker players is impressive. For the last years, online slots have also become quite popular and got many Austrian fans.

It’s hard to predict what will happen to the gambling in Austria in the future as the government is constantly stepping up the rules to fight the gambling addictions. We hope that online casinos will remain legal, even though there is almost no hope for more international gambling venues coming to the country.